UIUC.ide is a feature filled add-on for jEdit. It sets up the perfect integrated development environment for University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students. With this application students can work on their lab assignments from wherever they want with the ease and grace of a true professional. This is life made easy.

I am a Junior in CS and, if you are like me, you learn to hate, I repeat hate, sitting in the lab all day working on CS MPs. Though I already knew of other ways to connect remotely to the labs and work at home, the interfaces were always clunky and annoying. If I didn't go to lab it would take me much longer to complete my labs at home than if I just buckled down and went to the lab. But then my friend, Dave, told me about UIUC.ide. It is a nifty little add-on for jEdit, and I have to say it is great. It lets me work on my MPs from home and I couldn't be happier... of course I do live in a fraternity house and sometimes it is still better to just go to the lab and work. But now at least I have a choice.

-Mike D.


This product really is great. I was not really expecting much when I went to try it, I mean at first I thought it was just a connection tool. But after using it for a while I really started to like how quick and easy it made things. The best thing about it though was the fact that it was free! I mean hey, I am a poor college student and free is damn good.

-Patrick L.


If I liked to write, I would really write a lot of good things about UIUC.ide. But I don't like to write, so just take my word for it. UIUC.ide is cool.

-Mike B.


UIUC.ide rocks. Its free, its helps you get your work done faster, it lets you work on your MPs at home, what else is there to say? It blows me away that how a program that started as a simple CS 428 project could be so useful. People actually do cool things at this school. I am just a freshman in CS right now, but I am going to rock this baby out for the rest of my years.

-Chris D.