UIUC.ide is a feature filled add-on for jEdit. It sets up the perfect integrated development environment for University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students. With this application students can work on their lab assignments from wherever they want with the ease and grace of a true professional. This is life made easy.


Download the files for UIUC.ide from the UIUC.ide webspace on sourceforge.net. The UIUC.ide sourceforge page can be found here. <http://sourceforge.net/projects/uiuc-ide/>

Installation Instructions:

1. First, if you haven’t installed jEdit yet, do so. After all, UIUC.ide is an add-on for jEdit. The jEdit website is here. <http://www.jedit.org> Follow the instructions on their site to download and install jEdit.

2. Next, make sure you have the latest JVM technology installed on your computer. The java website is here. <http://java.sun.com>

3. Unzip the UIUC.ide files and place UIUCide.jar and jsch.jar into the jars folder found in the main directory of jEdit.

4. Next place all of the .xml files into the main directory of jEdit.

5. Now run jEdit and go to the plugins pull down menu, select UIUC.ide, and start it up.

6. The UIUCide toolbar should appear. From now on when you open jedit it should appear as a selection at the bottom of jEdit automatically.