UIUC.ide is a feature filled add-on for jEdit. It sets up the perfect integrated development environment for University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students. With this application students can work on their lab assignments from wherever they want with the ease and grace of a true professional. This is life made easy.

UIUCide User Documentation

UIUCide Project Description - A paper describing the UIUCide project.

UIUCide User Guide - A user guide for UIUCide.

UIUCide Installation Instructions - Downloadable installation instructions for UIUCide.


UIUCide Developer Resources

The UIUCide team encourages continuing work on the UIUCide project. Below are some of the resources we used to develop UIUCide. If you would like to join the UIUCide project please contact us via our sourceforge webspace.

UIUCide Sourceforge Page - The sourceforge webspace for the UIUC.ide project.

UIUCide CVS Info - A document containing the CVS information for the UIUCide project.

UIUCide Eclipse Info - A document containing the Eclipse information for the UIUCide project.

UIUCide Formatting for Hostmachines xml File - A document describing how to format the hostmachines.xml file in case the lab machines change in the future or if the UIUCide system is going to be customized to work on another schools lab system.

Java Code Conventions - The Java coding conventions website.

jEdit Website - The jEdit website.

jEdit SourceForge Page - The jEdit sourceforge webspace.

jEdit Plugin Central - The jEdit plugin central webpage.

jEdit API - The jEdit API index website.

jEdit Developers Section - The jEdit developers section webpage.

jUnit - The jUnit website.