UIUC.ide is a feature filled add-on for jEdit. It sets up the perfect integrated development environment for University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students. With this application students can work on their lab assignments from wherever they want with the ease and grace of a true professional. This is life made easy.

What is UIUC.ide?

  • UIUC.ide allows you to connect with UIUC lab machines directly from within jEdit.
  • Once connected you can Save, Open, Compile and Make files directly from the lab machines just as if you were at the lab.
  • Work from the comfort of you own home!

5/02/05 - A picture page has been added. It currently displays several pictures of UIUC.ide in action. Enjoy!

5/01/05 - The feedback from our T.A. Demo has been incorporated into the new release of UIUCide. Features include more secure storage of local passwords. Thanks for the advice!

4/27/05 - The UIUC.ide website is now up and running! Enjoy. Please direct any problems found to the contacts listed on the support page.



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